Saturday 8 August 2009


I have been deeply honoured to receive an award from one of my favourite bloggers Mad Aunt Bernard who describes herself as a warty old woman in a sack (LOL) If you haven't been to her blog before, pay it a visit. It'll cheer you up on a dull day.

If you wish to accept the award the rules of acceptance are:
List five current "obsessions".
Pass the award on to five other fabulous blogs.
On your post of receiving this award make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link back to them.
When you list your five winners of the award make sure you link back to them.
Let your five winners know they are in receipt of the award by leaving a comment on their blogs.

Hmmm, not a hugely obsessive person but here goes:
  1. Going on holiday abroad soon for the first time in years. I'm obsessing about what to take.
  2. Stargate - avid science fiction fan and I never get fed up with watching the repeats of these guys exploits
  3. My computer and blogging - spend way too much time at this.
  4. Jewel Quest - actually I am obsessed. Have to play at least 2 levels daily.
  5. Crafting - goes without saying really otherwise I wouldn't be here.
I have lots of fave blogs but here are 5 of the best:
  1. Cake Wrecks
  2. Dog Daisy Chains
  3. KO..... OK?
  4. Little Princess Cards
  5. Jabberwocky


Jackie said...

Oh yes! You came in the nick of time. I have been wondering what to blog about just at the moment but this is a great one.Thank you! I have many obsessions.

Heather said...

Congratulations on receiving this award - it is well deserved.

Unknown said...

Congratulations and very well deserved

Lexxie said...

Thank you Carol for this award, it is really kind of you to think of me.
It may be a short while before I put it on my blog as I'm still building the new craft room!
I will give it some thought though...probably won't take long as I obsess about everything!!
Love Sarita xx

mimilove forever said...

ah MAB is truly a star!

Well deserved award for you blog too...I love your work! x:)