Sunday 19 July 2009

Blog Update

I'm doing some updates to my blog and I've decided to go over to 3 columns so bear with me if it goes a bit wonky LOL. If anyone else wants to do the same thing - here's a REALLY simple tutorial. I use Bloggers minima dark template and I had no trouble with it. If you have problems viewing it in any way or it looks off feel free to let me know!


Unknown said...

Oh I love the new look

Heather said...

It's looking good Carol. I'm not brave enough yet to tinker about with layouts incase I lose what I've already got. I leave all that to the experts!

Godelieve said...

Looking GREAT!!

Paula J Atkinson said...

I only have a 15in screen & as my eyesight is crud I can only view at 100% so no ones blogs can be viewed in full on my screen unless I drop the size. The blog looks great.
I updated mine but can't see it all!!!!

Chris Arlington said...

Good Luck, I am new to blogland so I will probably make changes too.
Your posts are fabulous
Hugs, Chris