Monday 15 September 2008


As some of my stamping friends know, Penny and I managed to get ourselves to Stempelmekka this weekend. What a fabulous weekend we have had (apart from the 10 hour journey home!) If you have never been and want a show that's purely rubber stamping, no peel offs and lots of collagey artsy stamps, this is where you should be. It was fab to meet up with so many internet friends and put faces to names (you know who you are LOL) and I managed to some major ATC trading. Here's a pic of all the ATCs I traded. It was fascinating to see so many different styles. Can you see yours?


Ed said...

We have a small show just for rubber stamping twice a year in Port Sunlight, Lancashire - it's a great show, so I understand how you loved yours ......your blog is great bye the way - love your style and your ideas xx

Paula J Atkinson said...

Yes there really should be more shows locally for just stamping & artsy collage.
Loved your new stash.

Terri Y said...

I have been following your blog and LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing. I have not made any ATC's myself but believe I need to "step on the bandwagon".

Viola said...

You got wonderful ATCs, Carol! It`s a pity, that we haven`t met us. Perhaps next year? :o)

bockel24 said...

10 hours?! Phew! I´m glad that I´ve met you, and yes, I can see my card on your photo ;-))

Kaz said...

sounds like you had a great time Carol, glad it was worth all the saving!! what a nightmare though ten hours..aaarrrrrgh!!!

some gorgeous ATCs there too. :)

stempelwicht on line said...

10 hours to get home ????
But it was a great show wasn't it!
It was fun meeting you and Penny.
See you in april in the Netherlands?(LOL)